Centre for International Cooperation and Education

The work of the Centre for International Cooperation and Education is aimed at the following tasks:

  • search and broaden of the international contacts needed for scientific, applied and educational work of the University;
  • monitoring and control of all areas of international cooperation NUWEE;
  • organize and plan the work of foreign citizens, students and scientists who came to NUWEE;
  • establishment and implementation of contacts with foreign embassies in Ukraine and embassies of Ukraine abroad;
  • monitoring of the organization of exchange programs with partner universities abroad;
  • participation in the preparation and implementation of international projects. 

In the field of international cooperation:

  • establishment and implementation of contacts with international organizations and agencies, embassies of foreign states in Ukraine and Ukrainian embassies abroad, cooperation with donor organizations;
  • attracting foreign specialists to work in the University and participation of leading lecturers and scientists in the educational and scientific activities of foreign universities and scientific institutions;
  • establishment of contacts with domestic and foreign legal and physical persons, representatives of educational institutions of foreign countries with the purpose of organizational and legal support of foreigners which wishing to obtain higher education at the University;
  • contacts with educational institutions of other countries on the conclusion of bilateral treaties and protocols.

In the field of educational activities:

  • control over the timely registration of foreign citizens in accordance with the procedure established by law; the verification of documents that foreign citizens present upon admission and admission to the University; On registration of personal files of foreign students, contracts with foreign students and documents accompanying the training of foreign citizens;
  • providing foreigners with organizational and legal support in the process of nostrification of foreign documents on secondary and higher education;
  • monitoring of the progress of foreigners, monitoring the implementation of their curricula, assistance in organizing the liquidation of academic debts, Work on updating of learning and transfer of foreigners etc.