Nostrification of educational documents


If the foreign citizen plans to continue education in Ukraine it is needed to conduct the recognition procedure of documents on education (nostrification).

Nostrification of foreign diplomas and certificates is an acknowledgment of foreign education in Ukraine.

The nostrification of foreign diplomas in Ukraine is conducted by Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine («Information and image center»). Web site

«Information and image center» (Center) serves as a national information center of academic mobility (the Order of The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from the 31 of August 2011 № 924). In particular, the powers of the center includes authentication of education documents issued by educational institutions of foreign states.

As a result of authentication of education documents and establishing equivalence of qualification is a decision of Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine about recognition of foreign educational document in Ukraine. Center works by the principle of «single window». It provides maximum comfort and also transparency of recognition of foreign educational document procedure in Ukraine.

About recognition (nostrification)

For the entry into force of foreign documents on education in the territory of Ukraine for future employment or further education it is necessary to conduct the procedure of its recognition. It means to establish compliance of academician and professional rights and also educational and qualification levels of foreign documents on education (qualification) with Ukrainian state educational standards.

Recognition (nostrification) procedure in Ukraine educational documents issued by educational institutions in other countries involves:

1) Authentication submitted for recognition of foreign educational documents is checking of the fact of training and educational documents. If you give legalized documents with stamp «Apostille» or consular legalization, it is enough to recognition authentication of your documents. They will not require verifying the issuance. It will accelerate the recognition procedure. But you have a choice: you can certify documents according to international rights or instruct it to employees of the test Center.

2) Official recognition of educational establishment which provided training document by the Ukrainian educational system. This stage includes verification of presence state certificate of accreditation of educational establishment and license in the moment of delivery of this document.

3) Establishment of equivalence of qualification noted in foreign educational document to the requirements to educational or educationally qualification levels of the Ukrainian educational system (it is conducted with the help of expert commissions after the proper specialties).

4) A comparative analysis of educational programs is comparison of educational programs on maintenance and by a volume which is conducted by the educational establishment of Ukraine accredited after the same specialty that is pointed in the declarant diploma. If such specialty is absent in Ukraine than it is chosen the closest from existing one.

The result of procedure of recognition (nostrification) can be:

1) Recognition certificate is given after recognition procedure. If for recognition of qualification of proprietor of documents about education additional documents are needed (additional studying, testing on a competence or other actions non-fulfillment of which is impossible in order to continue education or employment on this specialty in Ukraine). Declarant will be sent the proper report. In such case the owner of documents about education must make examinations according to the given by experts educational disciplines. Foreign person can choose any higher educational establishment for passing exams and testing. The Center employees will help to organize examination in elected educational establishment. The terms of procedure of recognition of documents are prolonged to the declaration of positive results of testing Center.

2) A refuse is in recognition of the given document about education, the proper report is sent to the declarant, here it is pointed the reason of such decision.

As a result of procedure of recognition the owner of foreign documents about education gets a certificate that confirms a right for the owner of documents given out educational establishment of other state on continuation of education or on employment on specialty in Ukraine.

Documents which are not subject procedure of recognition (nostrification) in Ukraine

They include:

  • documents given out by the educational establishments and which are not officially recognized (nostrificated) in the system of education of the state which they belong to;
  • documents given out by the branches of educational establishments. If such branches are not officially recognized (nostrificated) in the system of education of the state on territory of which they carry out educational activity;
  • documents which do not contain information about gaining by the owner of documents certain educational or educational qualification level, professional specialization or professional retraining;
  • documents which do not suit the official standard of confirmation of educational documents. If such standard is accepted in the state to which this educational establishment belongs to;
  • documents given out on the basis of studying program which cannot be correlated with any educational or educational qualification level and (or) direction of preparation (specialties, qualifications) of the Ukrainian educational system;
  • documents that do not contain enough information on the content of educational program. It makes impossible to establish the equivalence of gained by these documents qualifications to the educational or educational qualification level of the Ukrainian system of education.

Educational documents of former citizens of the USSR given out before May, 15, 1992 do not need recognition in Ukraine as on the basis of Article 5. Agreements about collaboration in the sphere of the education were signed in Tashkent in 1992. State participants guarantee permanent recognition on their territory and educational documents given out by state participants to the moment of signing of mentioned Agreement above. State-participants are: Azerbaijanian Republic, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kirghiz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Tadjykistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Republic of Uzbekistan.

The list of documents

For conducting the procedure of recognition, it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  1. The statement on realization of procedure of confession (an application form and the sample can be found on the site statement is filled clearly, readably without any corrections in Ukrainian. This information is used in the process of treatment of your documents. In order the responsible specialist had the opportunity quickly react on your appeal specify, please, full data for connection (telephone, e-mail).
  2. Agreement to use your personal data. Persons who have got a document about education in a country where basic language is Russian fill this agreement in Russian. For other agreements is filled in English.
  3. Notarized copy of the legalized foreign document on education (document which includes the stamp «Apostile» or consular legalization, except countries with two- or multisided agreements containing acknowledgment of documents without additional attestation (without legalization) attached notary Ukrainian translation.
  4. Notarial proved copy of the legalized appendix to foreign document about education clamped by the notarial proved translation in Ukrainian. In a document information about a form and terms of studying list of educational disciplines(subjects), general (a week's) volume of audience and individual hours(credits), amount of semesters and other components of studying process is pointed out. If an appendix to foreign document about education is given out by Russian, its translation is not needed. Giving the notarial proved copy of this document is not necessary.
  5. Copies about previous higher education or professional qualification(if there is such).
  6. Copy of the document which proves this person or declarant and/or owner of foreign document about education.
  7. Copy of document about the change of the last name of owner of foreign document about education (if there is such document).
  8. A solicitor is about realization of procedure of recognition (in case of presentation of package of documents by educational establishment of Ukraine).
  9. Invitation copy (for those persons that got invitation on studying from higher INSTITUTION of learning of Ukraine).
  10. A document about payment for administrative service or copy of document confirming a right on a release from payment).

Attention! Notarial proved copy of the documents (with Ukrainian translation) is conducted as state so as private notaries of Ukraine.

Both owner and other person that presents his interests on questions on the basis of notarial drawn an up warranty can submit documents for recognition (nostrification). Responsibility for registration of package of documents depends upon a declarant.

Attention! If documents given by a declarant are given not in full and/or filled wrong they return Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine without attention during 10 working days from registration data; it will be announced to the declarant additionally.

Order of offering

To begin procedure of confession of document about education it is necessary:

1) certify the package of documents;

2) give the prepared package of documents following such methods:

To send an ordinary letter by post to address:

  • 01135, Kyiv, Pavlovska str. 26/41 «informational image center»


to send by the delivery service to address:

  • 01135, Kyiv, Pavlovska str. 26/41 «informational image center»

Attention! The original educational documents(see a chapter «List of documents») are not sent by post but given personally to the Center and after investigation by the specialist they return to the declarant.

The given package of documents is worked over during 10 working days from the moment of its back giving and registration. During this time the specialists of the Center the completeness of package of documents and rightness of registration are checked up.

If the documents given by a declarant are given not in full size and (or) wrong fulfilled they return to the declarant without contemplation with a report.

If the documents given by a declarant are given in full size they are passed for contemplation and it is reported to a declarant about the necessity of producing of originals of documents personally.