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Delegation from "Celestial" in NUWM

A delegation from the People's Republic of China visited the university.

The main purpose of the visit of a foreign delegation is to discuss the issues of bilateral cooperation at once in several areas and the possibility of establishing a branch of the Confucius Institute on the basis of NUVGP. By the way, six such branches already operate in the ZOO of Ukraine and help Ukrainian young people get deeper into Chinese philosophy, learn Chinese and learn more about culture.

So, first of all, Ian Shichun, a professor at the Institute of Water Management and Nature Management at Tianjin Agricultural University, president of Rensenzeer New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Li Lizian and translator, postgraduate student of Vinnytsia National Technical University Dun Sinyin met with Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Natalia Savina to discuss bilateral cooperation in the educational, scientific, energy, technological, agrarian and social spheres, as well as the possibility of creating the aforementioned Branch of the Institute of Confucius on the basis of the institution.

Subsequently - with the leadership of the educational-scientific institute of water management and nature management and the heads of the departments of the same institute, where they talked about cooperation in the educational, scientific and energy spheres. Visitors also visited the museum in the history of NUVGP, visited the hydrotechnical laboratory of the Hydrotechnical Building and Hydraulic Department of NNIVGP, walked the city.

The work of the Center for International Cooperation and Education aims to help foreign students obtain university education.
We provide comprehensive services in the decision of transfer, registration of documents, accommodation for the whole period of study.

Center for International Cooperation and Education

The Center for International Cooperation and Education is headed by Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Savina Natalia Borisovna. The Director of the Center is Timoshchuk Igor Alexandrovich. The Center consists of three departments: international relations, work with foreign students and the department of international education.

Each of the spheres has a range of responsibilities, but the main task is to contact foreign students, information about educational programs, the filing and processing of documents, as well as the residence and adaptation of the latter at the university and the Ukrainian environment as a whole.