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Presentation of national cultures in NUWM

Presentation of national cultures and international traditions, organized by the Department of work with foreign students - was held on May 16, 18th at the University.

Foreign students and students of the preparatory department familiarized all those present with the history, life and culture of their Motherland. Among the participants were Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Natalya Savina, who delivered an introductory speech, as well as Director of the Center for International Cooperation and Education Igor Tymoshchuk, Head of the Department of International Education Dmitry Nikitenko, Teachers of the Preparatory Department - Svitlana Lysyuk and Raisa Popovich.

The joint efforts of Ukrainian language learners were presented by the history of the Republic of Ecuador, the Comoros Union, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Ghana.

Student-student Gafarov Togrul told interesting facts about Azerbaijan, and the first-year student Atakarierev Muhammetguly shared an enthusiastic history of the formation and development of Turkmenistan. Volunteer Chang Yuxon and postgraduate student Jan Dzele talked about China.

The foreigners listened to the new enthusiasm about the culture and history of Ukraine and were happy to share the pride of their native country with the audience. With words of gratitude, Vitaly Okorsky and Natalia Savina addressed the students.

The work of the Center for International Cooperation and Education aims to help foreign students obtain university education.
We provide comprehensive services in the decision of transfer, registration of documents, accommodation for the whole period of study.

Center for International Cooperation and Education

The Center for International Cooperation and Education is headed by Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Savina Natalia Borisovna. The Director of the Center is Timoshchuk Igor Alexandrovich. The Center consists of three departments: international relations, work with foreign students and the department of international education.

Each of the spheres has a range of responsibilities, but the main task is to contact foreign students, information about educational programs, the filing and processing of documents, as well as the residence and adaptation of the latter at the university and the Ukrainian environment as a whole.