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Ukraine – is a country of Central and Eastern Europe. Kyiv is a capital of Ukraine.

 General information

Ukraine borders with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

Territory - 603.7 thousand sq. km.

Population - 42 mln.

Ukraine consists 24 regions.

Ukraine is a member of The United Nations, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and almost 40 influential international organizations, programs and projects - such as the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Monetary Fund, the International Labour Organization, World Trade Organization and others.

Natural resources: iron ore, coal, manganese, nickel, uranium, oil, gas and others.

Industry: metallurgy, mechanical engineering and instrumentation, aerospace, mining, processing, chemical and pharmaceutical and other industries.

The currency – hryvnia (UAH).


UKRAINE – is a country with highly developed industry, agriculture, science and culture.

Science, education: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

1400 research institutes.

More than 1 million University students, including 40 thousand foreign students.

313 - Universities.

National dishes

Borsch - one of the most popular dishes in Ukraine, there are 3 kinds of borsch: red, oxalic, cold.

Vareniki - boiled dough with different fillings - a traditional Ukrainian dish.

Potato pancakes, or pie with grated potato - favorite daily Ukrainian dish, usually served with sour cream.

Salo - healthy, delicious and satisfying food.

Holubtsi - a dish prepared with fresh leaves of cabbage and filling of meat, rice or millet or corn cereal, potatoes, beans, mushrooms, onions, carrots and spices.


Climate - temperate continental and only in Crimea - subtropical.

In Ukraine there are 4 distinct seasons: autumn - from September to November, winter - from December to February, spring - from March to May, summer - from June to August.

The daily t ° in January is - 7 ° C, in July + 23 ° C.

The largest river is Dnipro.

The largest mountain are Carpathians.


Connection, internet

The main GSM operators in Ukraine are Kyivstar, МТС Ukraine / Vodafone and Lifecell.

The main providers of broadband Internet in Ukraine are Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar, MTS Volyal, Triolan.

All cities of regional importance are covering by 3G.


Places worth seeing

  • Kiev
  • Lviv
  • Kamianets-Podilskyi
  • Chernovtsy
  • Lutsk
  • Odessa
  • Kharkov
  • Uzhgorod


Public holidays: 

  • January 1 - New Year;
  • January 7 - Christmas;
  • March 8 - International Women's Day;
  • 1 May - Easter;
  • 1 and 2 May - International Workers' Day;
  • May 9 - Victory Day;
  • June 19 - Trinity;
  • June 28 - Day of Constitution of Ukraine;
  • August 24 - Independence Day of Ukraine;
  • October 14 - Day of Defender of Ukraine.


The work of the Center for International Cooperation and Education aims to help foreign students obtain university education.
We provide comprehensive services in the decision of transfer, registration of documents, accommodation for the whole period of study.

Center for International Cooperation and Education

The Center for International Cooperation and Education is headed by Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Savina Natalia Borisovna. The Director of the Center is Timoshchuk Igor Alexandrovich. The Center consists of three departments: international relations, work with foreign students and the department of international education.

Each of the spheres has a range of responsibilities, but the main task is to contact foreign students, information about educational programs, the filing and processing of documents, as well as the residence and adaptation of the latter at the university and the Ukrainian environment as a whole.