The only Ukrainian higher educational institution the water profile. Institution is an educational and scientific complex, which prepares highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, provides training specialists and conducting research work. University - university IV level of accreditation, provides services to higher education on the level of qualification requirements.


The NUWEE is one of the best technical Universities of Ukraine.

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering is one of the leading scientific and educational establishment of Ukraine of the IV level of accreditation.

It has been 100 years since the foundation of the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering in September 2015.

The university has developed from the hydrotechnical college to the leading higher educational establishment of Ukraine's water management profile during its existence.

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering currently trains highly skilled staff for many industries in Ukraine, provides opportunities for different specialists to feel more confident in the labor-market. The university creates conditions for students to master innovation and information technologies, educates them in the national-patriotic spirit and hold Western Ukrainian scientific schools at the world level, expands international relations as the basis of European integration process.

The university consists of 9 institutes. They are institute of water management and environmental engineering, institute of mechanics, institute of agroecology and land management, institute of building and architecture, institute of automatics, cybernetics and computer engineering, institute of economics and management, institute of law, institute of health and care sciences, as well as institute of  extramural and distance education, institute of postgraduated education, Nadsluchansk Institute, 5 colleges, 5 local centre of distance education.

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering offers foreign citizens 39 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 41 Master’s degree programmes.

     The full list of accredited specialties is available here 

There are 15 studying buildings, more than 100 specialized classrooms equipped with modern audiovisual technology, computers and other equipment in the university. The university has created unique laboratories of hydraulics, hydrotechnics, melioration and soil science, water supply, water treatment and water purification, etc.

The university has a department of military education and training, which prepares reserve officers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The department is unique for Western Ukraine. There are about 400 students from Rivne, Lutsk and other Ukrainian cities. The training is carried out by officers who have experience of combat operations in different parts of the world, including participants of ATO (War in Donbas).

The educational process is provided by highly skilled teaching staff in the university. There are 668 doctors, associate professors, 54 doctors of science and 53 professors, 366 candidates of science, 277 associate professors, 26 honored educators of Ukraine, honored scientists, honored inventors of Ukraine, honored architect and honored economist of Ukraine, 36 academicians and corresponding members of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and foreign countries. There are also three laureates of Ukrainian National Prize in the field of architecture for development and implementation of reconstruction of National University of «Ostroh Academy» and one laureate of the Ukrainian National Prize in the field of science.

Teaching and research staff undergo post-graduate and doctoral studies. Postgraduate studies carry out in 27 scientific specialties and in 5 doctoral specialties. The University received a license for educational activity at the third (educational-scientific) level in 7 specialties in 2016.

There are 6 specialized academic board for thesis defense in 11 specialties, including 1 academic board for Ph.D. thesis in 3 specialties and 5 academic boards for doctorate thesis in the university.

The quality of educational process can be characterized by results of student`s participation in All-Ukrainian Olympiads and All-Ukrainian student's scientific competitions. Over the past five years, 58 university students have become winners of Ukrainian Olympiads and 52 students have won a nationwide contest for student research.

Need for graduates in the labor market is education efficiency indicator. Employment rates of NUWEE is stable.

There are more than 80,000 graduates at the university. They work not only in Ukraine but also in many countries of the world. Many foreign leading water facilities were built with their participation such as Senge hydroelectric power plant in Equatorial Guinea, Kolyma hydroelectric station, Sayano-Shushenskaya, Boguchanskoe, Nurek, Chirkeysk hydroelectric power plants, protective structures in St. Petersburg, water management facilities in Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, Afghanistan, Morocco, Cuba and others.

12 scientific schools were formed and successfully operated in the university.

Scientists solve the problem of energy-efficiency and resource-saving in water industry and agriculture and do research in stability theory of different area. They also develop mathematical and numerical systems simulation methods and assess natural resource potential and quality of environment, rational nature management; create new types of building constructions and materials, architectural forms and environmental design.

The university teachers have published 130 monographs, 262 textbooks and manuals, 23 textbooks and 63 manuals with approval of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 5955 scientific articles have been published in professional editions, and 111 in scientific metric databases among 502 published abroad. 234 patents of Ukraine, including 12 patents for inventions have been issued during last five years.

Research and development activities results were implemented in many facilities of the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine, separate structural subdivisions of NNEGC Energoatom (Khmelnitsk NPP, Rivne NPP), OJSC «Ukrhydroproekt», «Rivneoblvodokanal» OJSC «Volyn-cement», Housing and Communal Services Department of the Executive Committee of Rivne City Council, etc. The scientific achievements of the university staff served as the basis for the preparation, approval and implementation of many state and departmental standards of Ukraine for the design, construction and water facilities, housing and communal services and other areas of Ukrainian economy.

The scientific developments have been implemented not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. License for magnetic water treatment technology has been introduced at the enterprises in Japan and France. Hydraulic modeling of hydroelectric facilities in Equatorial Guinea have been made on order of Douglas Alliance (Great Britain).  Patents for inventions of the European Union, Japan, the United States of America and other countries have been received.

The university is constantly broadening international relations as a basis for the European integration process. Special attention deserves the following: staff training for foreign countries, cooperation with scientific institutions, delegations of foreign countries and organizations, increasing the number of teachers and employees who were on business trips abroad.

The university maintains business relations with 92 higher education establishment in the countries of Europe, Asia, the USA. It is a member of international scientific organizations: the International Academy of Environmental Sciences and Life Safety, the International Peatland Society, the International Environmental Association «Intervir», Magna Charta Universitatum, Eurasian Universities Association. University researchers have honorary titles of foreign institutions and academies. The University is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The university implements many international projects within the international activities, in particular, Erasmus +, an educational youth project Hacking School, Smart Solutions, and joint grant programs with foreign universities. The educational program «Double Degree» for Bachelor`s and Master`s degrees with the State University «Lublin University of Technology” (Poland) has been functioning at the University since 2013.

If You are young, energetic, trying to find Your own way of life and are interested in our training directions, we are welcome You at our University! 

Believe in Yourself and Your dreams will come true!


Yours faithfully,

Viktor Moshynskyi

Rector of NUWEE


Address: 11, Soborna Str., Rivne, Ukraine  33028 
Tel/fax: +38 (0362) 63-34-45 
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 Admission Office: 
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Accreditation level: 4

The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering conducts its educational and scientific activity according to the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

AE № 636444 from 04.06.2015.

Status: state higher educational institution

Year of foundation: 1915 

The work of the Center for International Cooperation and Education aims to help foreign students obtain university education.
We provide comprehensive services in the decision of transfer, registration of documents, accommodation for the whole period of study.

Center for International Cooperation and Education

The Center for International Cooperation and Education is headed by Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations Savina Natalia Borisovna. The Director of the Center is Timoshchuk Igor Alexandrovich. The Center consists of three departments: international relations, work with foreign students and the department of international education.

Each of the spheres has a range of responsibilities, but the main task is to contact foreign students, information about educational programs, the filing and processing of documents, as well as the residence and adaptation of the latter at the university and the Ukrainian environment as a whole.