Top 5 countries where you can study for free

10 August 2018, 8:58 am
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This may seem unrealistic, but the opportunity to study abroad (in addition, in good grades) is FREE for many Ukrainian graduates; you can read about this in detail in this article.

AUSTRIA. Here the opportunity to receive free education for foreign students is provided by one of the largest universities in the country - the University of Vienna. The mandatory payment for foreigners is only 17 euros per semester. Another benefit of getting an education at the University of Vienna is the ability to independently distribute your study time, and therefore, to fake without harm to study.

POLAND In order to study in Poland for free, you need to have a Pole Card. Otherwise, the cost of training will be from 800 euros per year, depending on the university and specialty.

CZECH REPUBLIC Students who know the Czech language can study for free here. If you choose to study in English, then a year in high school will cost at least 1,000 euros. To join the Czech universities, you need to go through the procedure of "notifying a school certificate" (recognition of the document is valid). To do this, it is necessary to take exams from two disciplines of the Czech school program, and which ones - determined in the local departments of education.

NORWAY. Free education in Norway for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs can be obtained at state universities. True, the training will be conducted mainly in Norwegian, in addition, each entrant must pay a one-time fee of EUR 30 and an annual administrative fee of EUR 80. In addition, it should be borne in mind that your expenses for food, housing and medical insurance will not be covered by the university.

SLOVAKIA accepts Ukrainian entrants without entrance exams and external testing. But there is an important condition - as in Norway, it is possible to study for free only in the state language. But the Slovak diploma fully meets European standards, and life in the country is relatively inexpensive.


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