Internship of French students in NUWEE

From 11.05 till 18.05.2017 the NUWEE hosted a French delegation consisting of 6 students and 2 teachers from the Higher Agricultural School in Ain (France). Thanks to long-term cooperation and support of the university administration, academic exchange among students and teachers of the water profile takes place annually between educational institutions. In May 2016, 11 students of NUWEE and 2 teachers spend 2 weeks at the Higher Agricultural School in Ain, and our university hosted guests from France this year.

The main purpose of the delegation's stay at the university was to pass a professional internship on the basis of NUWEE in the field of water treatment.

At the invitation of the vice-rector for scientific work and international relations Savina N. B., the French guests visited the gala concert “Student Spring”, after which they were impressed by the high professionalism and skill of Ukrainian students, as well as the level of organization of the concert.

 During their stay at the university the French delegation visited the museum of the NUWEE and acquainted with all the periods of its formation and flourishing our University.

The French students together with the Ukrainian students conducted a series of hydrological studies on lake Basiv Kut, assessing the quality of water and saturation with oxygen. Also the French students did not remain indifferent to the Charity Fair in support of the ATO fighters, organized by the Department of Public Disciplines of the NUWEE, caring and supporting the Ukrainian people as a whole, in their quest for freedom and European integration.

All interested person attend the presentation of the SAUR water treatment plant in Limoge and the High Agricultural School (Aen) in the conference hall of our university, where they learned the peculiarities of studying in France.

On the last day of the stay, the rector of the University Moshinsky V. S. solemnly handed over certificates to all participants of the internship, summarizing their stay at the university.

At present, the recruitment of students of water and agricultural specialties, who want to become part of this project and go on probation to France in May 2018, is continuing, so we hope for further  productive development of cooperation.


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