ERASMUS+ is a program of the European Union aimed at international exchange students (except for 1st year students) and teachers, organizing the cooperation between universities and society to improve skills and increase employment opportunities.

ERASMUS+ intensifies efforts in the areas of education, youth and sports in two different directions:

Mobility. Higher education institutions from partner countries, including Ukraine, can be partner universities from Europe to organize projects on mobility for students, academic teachers and administrative staff.

Cooperation projects. Strengthening cooperation between universities and key stakeholders (companies, research institutions, social partners, local/regional authorities and other organizations in the field of education, training or youth policy) to promote quality and innovation in higher education. Strengthen structured and long-term cooperation between universities and companies searching for innovative ways to develop and extend knowledge in projects aimed at the result, particularly in advanced industries.

Jean Monnet. The main idea is to intensify European integration discourse to promote the excellence of European integration studies, involve higher education institutions to research the European integration process.

Main activities in the field:

  • Teaching and Research ("Department", "Modules", "Centers of Excellence");
  • The debate between the scientific and educational community and academic exchanges ("Network" and "Projects");
  • Support business associations;
  • Provision of operating grants to individual institutions.

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