Transferring from other Universities

    Applicants who currently attend a higher education institution can submit an application for transfer admission to the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering. Applicants must provide the following documents:

  • a letter of approval from the institution which the student previously attended (letter of approval is submitted on the basis of the student's application to transfer to the NUWEE, addressed to the Rector of the previous HEE);
  • academic transcript from the previous institution;
  • academic certificate from the higher educational institution which the student previously attended (if available);
  • application form of intent to study at the NUWEE;
  • original and a copy of the education certificate and grades received in all subjects (points) or original and a copy of the diploma on obtained education and grades. Documents must be translated into Ukrainian (graduates of preparatory departments of Ukrainian universities also provide the original certificate of its completion);
  • copy of the birth certificate translated into Ukrainian and notarized;
  • medical certificate about state of health confirmed by the health protection authority of the country of origin and issued not later than 2 months before entering Ukraine to study. Certificate also should be translated into Ukrainian;
  • valid medical insurance (except foreigners who come from countries with which there are signed agreements about free rendering of urgent medical aid);
  • 4 colour photos 3*4 cm;
  • copy of all pages of the foreign citizens passport.

Transfer of students from one university to another is possible only in the vacation period (summer, winter). Academic differences arising on recognizing of student’s previous exams must be passed before the student’s enrolment to the University. Academic difference should not exceed 8 subjects. After enrolment the student must sign a contract with the University and pay tuition.

The process of students’ transferring is regulated by the Decree on transferring, deduction and retraining of students of higher educational institutions, which is approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine No 245 from 15.07.96.