Fédération Échanges France Ukraine

    The Federation of Exchanges France-Ukraine began its activities in 1992.

    At the moment, it includes 16 associations, the main activities of which are humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged children, orphaned children, and also in the field of international cooperation, which provides an opportunity for exchange with French students and training, internships in France.

    The University has been cooperating with the Federation "France-Ukraine Exchange" (FEFU) since 2008.

    Federation "Exchange France-Ukraine" organizes agricultural, professional, linguistic, country study internships for students, as well as linguistic, pedagogical and research internships for teachers. During the internship, students are introduced to the latest technologies of agricultural production in France, with its culture, traditions and history, mastering their profession at various enterprises.

    Internships take place on the principle of passing the respective levels, each of which is confirmed by the certificate. This allows the student to form a personal career dossier for potential employers - joint French-Ukrainian enterprises that have a permanent need for relevant specialists - at the same time as obtaining higher education in NUVGP.

FEFU official website  — www.fefu.org