The invitation issued by higher education institutions for applicants of Language (Preparatory) courses, Bachelors, Masters and Postgraduate degrees according to Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "On certain issues on the organization of admission and training (internship) of foreigners and stateless persons" № 1541 from November 1, 2013.

To become a NUWEE student, foreigners need to obtain an “Invitation for study” of the standard form approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

To get the invitations for study, foreigners should contact the Centre for International Cooperation and Education of the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (NUWEE) by: NUWEE Application Form.

 To obtain an entry visa a foreigner must apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in the country of origin or neighboring country, attaching to the visa application, the invitation for study of the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering.