International Business Trips

In order to improve the work on organizational support of international cooperation of the university, compliance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine on travel abroad on business, the appropriate procedure for registration of foreign travels.

International business trips - a travel of an employee and a person studying at the university, by order of the head for a certain period of time to another locality to perform a work assignment outside the place of his permanent work.

An invitation or a notification can be by name or addressed to the university management. The invitation or notification must indicate the purpose and duration of the stay abroad, as well as the source of funding, if funded by the host country.

International business trips of employees and persons studying at the university, as well as their continued stay abroad during working or study hours may be carried out in accordance with:

the order of the NUWEE No.553 October 06, 2016 «On approval of the Regulations on business travel abroad of employees and persons who study at the NUWEE»;

the official note in IDoc No.113462 January 25,2019 «Regarding the preparation of the employees for a business travel abroad».

The official international business trips is carried out within the framework of the term of the employment contract of the employee, who is sent abroad.

The sending abroad of persons studying at the university  is carried out within the limits of their studying at the university.

All financial expenses related to business or overseas travel are carried out at the expense of the receiving party various state, international and private funds and other sources according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

The procedure of the travel abroad of employees and students of the University coordinate by the Center for International Cooperation and Education.

During 2014–2018, 892 teachers, staff and students of the University went abroad for internships, training, advanced training, teaching, research, participation in seminars, conferences.