Centre for International Cooperation and Education

International cooperation at National University of Water and Environmental Engineering is carried out according to international strategy of university until 2025.


Igor Tymoshchuk

Head of Centre for International Cooperation and Education

Main assignments:

  • to systematize and to plan the work about international relations between educational establishments, research organizations and professional associations in the region and abroad;
  • to coordinate agreements signing about cooperation with foreign international establishments, research and educational organizations; to monitor implementation of agreements and supervise 
    vocational guidance work abroad;
  • to monitor implementation of agreement, programs and other international obligations of NUWEE by university, institutes, departments, sectors and teachers, and employees of university;
  • to coordinate international exchange programs for teachers and research workers and facilitate participation in scientific conferences and internships.
  • to promote university among other foreign educational establishments in order to broaden relations with new partners;
  • to coordinate all spheres of international cooperation;
  • to organize short-term studying exchange programs for students and teachers according to agreements of cooperation between university and foreign educational establishments and  to 
    observe  international commitments of NUWEE.



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Center for International Cooperation and Education of NUWEE provides general coordination and organizational support for work on the  following main areas of international activity of  University:

  • membership in international scientific organization;
  • cooperation with foreign educational establishments and companies;
  • visits of foreign delegation;
  • business trips abroad;
  • training of specialists for foreign countries.

Departments of Centre for International Cooperation and Education:

- International Office (Head Leonid Badynskyi);

- Department for International Students Affairs (Head ______-_______);

- Department of International Education and Migration Affairs (Head Vladislav Solodkyi);

- Preparatory Department for International Students (Head Yelyzaveta Mykhailova).

The work of  Centre for International Cooperation and Education is aimed at the following tasks:

in the field of  international  activities:

  • to develop strategy of internationalization of University, and its integration to scientific and educational world;
  • to organize international cooperation of University and to develop methods of its implementation, and also to prepare projects and other documents for  implementation of  University  tasks in international cooperation;
  • to search and expand international contacts necessary for scientific, practical and didactical work;
  • to establish contacts with international organizations and agencies, embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine, embassies of Ukraine abroad and donor organizations;
  • to attract foreign specialists to University and to provide an opportunity for prominent lecturers, scientists to be involved in research activities of foreign universities and research establishments;
  • to collect, process and distribute information about studying process, internship abroad, University international agreements, international programs;
  • to create database for business trips abroad of teachers and students;
  • to organize programs of academic mobility for students and teachers according to agreements between University and foreign partners;
  • to receive foreign delegation at University, and to check whether the employers in charge hand in all necessary documents;
  • to renew information on website of Centre for International Cooperation and Education in Ukrainian, English, French and Russian language (http://inter.nuwm.edu.ua/).

in the field of educational activities:

  • to search for foreign partners and other ways of international cooperation in the field of educational activities;
  • to prepare information about accreditation of specialties, educational programs and admission rules and accommodation;
  • to advertise studying at university for foreign citizens and foreign or national organizations according to agreements with University;
  • to register and issue  invitations for studying at University, to cooperate with Ukrainian Centre for International Education for visa support, studying and staying in Ukraine;  
  • to interact with state bodies, public organization and private entities about arrival, staying and studying  of foreign citizens;
  • to register foreign citizens according to laws of Ukraine in time;
  • to verify documents of foreign citizens for admission and enrolment to University according to laws of Ukraine;
  • to provide foreign citizens with organizational and legal support in the process of recognition of foreign  educational documents for admission to University;
  • to give recommendations to institutes and departments on  development of educational programs and curriculums  of disciplines for international students;
  • to monitor studying process and implementation of curricula by students, and to  assist with liquidation of academic debts, renewal and transfer of  international students etc;
  • to monitor issuing of diploma and diploma transcripts in accordance with requirement of the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • to provide foreign graduates with organizational and legal support in the process of recognition and apostille affixation of educational documents in the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • to create and regularly update database of international students, business entities.