Medical service

In the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering create all conditions for the provision of medical services to foreign citizens.

Foreigners and stateless persons, who stayed on the territory of Ukraine to study, may apply for medical assistance, including emergency, to any state or municipal health institution. For foreigners and stateless persons, medical assistance, including emergency, should be paid if the laws or international agreements of Ukraine provide otherwise. Medical assistance available to foreigners and stateless persons in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, including the use of methods of diagnosis, treatment and medicines.

All foreign students conclude with the insurer resident insurance contract (policy, certificate) that guarantees payment of medical care, the cost of that payment made by the insurer resident by transferring funds to the hospital, which has provided medical assistance after presentation document for payment.

In the National University of Water and Environmental engineering foreign students conclude contracts of comprehensive insurance, health insurance, accident insurance of foreign citizens who temporarily residing in Ukraine and insurance third party liability related to the deportation of that person from the territory of Ukraine JSC “Insurance Company "Providna"” on the basis of licenses (AB №520927, AB №520904, AB №520913 from 16.02.2010).

According to the medical insurance due to sudden illness, accident or other unforeseen events insured person receives medical or other assistance (service).

When medical assistance (service) means getting to the hospital and receive a treating health problems caused by an accident, acute illness, exacerbation of chronic diseases that emerged during the term of the contract.

Also the organization of emergency hospitalization in specialized departments of medical institutions; functional, laboratory, research tools and diagnostics; providing essential medicines in inpatient care.