International partners

The University maintains business relations with higher educational institutions and institutions of Western and Central Europe, Asia, the USA, is a member of international scientific organizations: the Magna Carta Universitatum, The Global Water Partnership, the Eurasian Association of Universities, the International Academy of Life Safety, the International Peat Society, International Chamber of Commerce. University scientists have the honorary titles of foreign institutions and academies.

In May 2017, the university became a member of the Eurasian Union of Universities (EURAS), which is aimed at the global development of educational standards in the Eurasian region.

In December 2018, the university became a member of the International Water Association (IWA).

During 2017, the NUEWP concluded 15 agreements on long-term international cooperation with educational, research and commercial institutions abroad: Poland (Hugon Kollataya Agricultural University in Krakow, Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW Private Higher School of Environmental Protection in Radom, Graduate School of Management labor protection in Katowice, Vincent Paul University of Social Sciences in Lublin,Technically Natural University in Bydgoszcz, University of John Paul II in Biala Podlask), Tajikistan (Dangarinsky State University, Kulyab State University named after Abuabdulloh Rudaki), USA (University of Hawaii at Hilo), Morocco (Ibn Zohra University), Germany ( University of Applied Sciences Weinstefan-Trizdorf), Pakistan (Queen's University), Belarus (Baranavichy State University).

During 2018-2019, 29 long-term international cooperation agreements were concluded with educational and research institutions from abroad: Poland, Germany, Slovakia, the Republic of China, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, and Moldova.

In total, as of 01.01.2019, the University carries out international activities under about 130 cooperation agreements with educational, research and commercial institutions abroad: Poland, Germany, France, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Norway, Bulgaria, the USA, and the Kingdom Morocco, Turkey, Slovakia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others.

In addition, NUVHP has established cooperation with YUYUE Home Textile Co. Ltd (China), CHANDWIN PROGECT PTE Group of Companies. Ltd (Singapore), the Ukrainian-Chinese Center for the Development of Culture and Education, AICE HYDRO AS (Norway), the Institute for International Cooperation Development Fund (Poland), the Geoconsulting Company MGGP (Poland), Engineering LLC REWINKEL & WOENER (Germany), RUE Gomselmash (Belarus).
Collaboration has been established with the private enterprises "Staffgate" (Finland) and "StaffoRent" LTD (Bulgaria).

Four volunteers were involved in the teaching of foreign languages ​​and the organization of professional trainings on the basis of NUVHP on long-term conditions:
Alana Yaskir - volunteer from the USA within the framework of the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program in Ukraine, an English teacher. 
Chang Yusong - volunteer, teacher of Chinese.
Phan Duane Nguyen - USA Peace Corps volunteer, English teacher. 
Kubiak Grzegorz Piotr - volunteer, teacher of the Polish language. 
Mallete Alaine Leigh - volunteer from the USA as part of the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program in Ukraine, a teacher of English and Spanish.